Sunday, 11 December 2016

See what you missed on December 1st!

Hey folks! Here are some pictures from the reception for our MEMBERS' SHOW on December 1st.

Liane Odze-Silver, whose thought-provoking mixed media pieces in this show incorporate handwriting, drawings, newspaper clippings, and post-it notes.

To the left: Melanie Isis-Tinken, who embroiders delicate designs on top of vintage photographs.

To the left: Matt Wood apparently describing something expansive to Liane Odze-Silver. 


Talking to the lady in green: Philip Hare, whose mixed-media pieces in the show grapple with the trials, tribulations, and revelations of growing up queer in a society where straight is the default.

In the beige button-down shirt: Max MacDonald, whose pieces in the show are beautiful earthy abstracts painted on wood.

Seated on the bench in intense conversation (on the left): Jyne Greenley, who puts breathtaking images of nature on pieces of wood and stone.

Far left: Matt Wood, whose pieces in this show are glowy and industrial-looking and have names like Grids and Where to Find Them.

Left to right: Liane Odze-Silver, Max MacDonald, Melanie Isis-Tinken, Matt Wood, our Director Joanne Filetti, Jyne Greenley, Philip Hare.

Left to right: Liane Odze-Silver, Max MacDonald, Melanie Isis-Tinken, Matt Wood, our Director Joanne Filetti, Jyne Greenley, Philip Hare.

GAS Pop-Up Market was a success!

Our pop-up market on December 10th was a rousing success. If you couldn't make it, here's a virtual tour!

Here's an overview of the happy shoppers and vendors! You'll have to imagine the upbeat music in the background and complimentary cookies. :)

Let's take a look around at all the vendors, shall we?

Rustichella Flavour Infused Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars come in a variety of flavours to tantalize your taste-buds, from savoury to spicy and sweet.

FInd out where to buy their products or how to set up your very own tasting party on their website:

"Like" Rustichella on Facebook:

Bruha's Cupboard: Lotions and Potions Brewery is a chemical free, organic, sustainably minded line of healing salves, creams and oils to treat your skin.

For inquiries, please email bruhascupboard[at]gmail[dot]com

"Like" their Facebook page

RjR Soulful Cleansing Solutions makes a host of Men's grooming products ranging from beard butters, oils and soaps, to shampoo bars and hand soaps, with natural ingredients so delicious you'll have to stop yourself from trying to eat them!

"Like" RjR Soulful Cleansing Solutions' page on Facebook here:

Fiona Macintyre Design's jewellery ranges from everyday classics with a twist to contemporary sculptural pieces that make a statement. Who wouldn't have their breath taken away to find one of these pieces under the tree?!

Buy Fiona's work here:

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We love the rustic yet modern look of these candleholders by BluMorpha!

Founder Lisa North not only makes all kinds of fabulous upcycled decor items, she also offers home decluttering services and DIY workshops.

Check out BluMorpha's website for more info:

Megan's Paper Creations has you covered for unique, hand-made cards and gift tags, AND Pillows, because somebody in your life is bound to have an obsession with throw pillows.

We were especially intrigued by her CRAFTER'S SUBSCRIPTIONS, though, which periodically give you boxes filled with all the instructions and materials you need to create a funky little papercraft project!

Learn more about Megan here:

Visit her Etsy shop here:

"Like" her Facebook page here:

Hats By She uses mainly natural fibers and up-cycled materials. How sustaina-sexy is that?!

For inquiries please e-mail hatsbyshe[at]gmail[dot]com.

False Ox Botanical Shrubs makes tasty, not-too-sweet beverages in a range of flavours. Try them in a cocktail!

Find out where to buy their wares and get drink recipes at

"Like" their Facebook page

She Said Pop specializes in professionally printed greeting cards and magnets featuring her digital drawings of animals, food, and whatever else catches her fancy! At the moment she also carries hand-made catnip toys shaped like pizza slices. You can find the pictured items and much more in her booth at The Arts Market at 846 College Street in Toronto.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

See what you missed on December 9th!

Here are some pics from Brian Abbott and friends' performance at GAS on Friday night! At one point a projector came out, transforming the look of our space and making the performance a true multimedia event.


The Yusuke Fritt Trio create a multimedia extravaganza.

 We hope James Bailey's resume mentions that he's good at multitasking!

You never hear an audience member at a concert scream "TUBA SOLOOOOO!" but they SHOULD. The tuba is great. Andy Dolgin knows what's up.

Surprisingly, the members of TheLittleManWithHairAllOver quartet are not abnormally hairy, nor are they all men. But they do churn up some seriously catchy rhythms.

The Silent Night Sextet and their "Quiet-metal-rock-screaming instruments"

Thursday, 8 December 2016

This weekend at GAS (Dec 9 & 10)

There's always something cooking at GAS!

Get your groove on this Friday night (December 9th) to the song stylings of Brian Abbott, FASTER +4, Little Man With Hair All Over, James Bailey, Andy Dolgin, and Tetsuo. 7:30-11pm, pay what you can.

You can RSVP for Brian Abbott & friends on Facebook:

And here's a page where you can listen to and download some songs by FASTER to get you in the mood to see 'em play live:

On Saturday, December 10th from 10am-4pm, swing by and do a little holiday shopping at the GAS POP-UP MARKET! Why go to a crowded, soulless mall and give your dollars to gigantic corporations when you could relax in our charming gallery space and discover hand-crafted treasures from local artists?

You can RSVP and check out the pop-up market vendors on the Facebook event page:

And on Saturday night we'll have the music of TC Folkpunk and James Clark! 8pm-11pm, pay what you can.

You can RSVP for TC Folkpunk and James Clark on  Facebook:

And here's a little taste of TC Folkpunk's music to whet your appetite:

See you this weekend!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Archive Show March 30 - April 17, 4 -7 pm. Reception Sat April 2nd, 3pm - 6pm.  

The art historian Hal Foster's 2004 essay "The Archival Impulse" defined archival art as a genre that “make[s] historical information, often lost or displaced, physically present. To this end [archival artists] elaborate on the found image, object, and favor the installation format.” Archive related work has included personal or social historical research, the Internet (projection),  the memorial (mini installation), found objects (curatorial), an imaginary archive(photography). GAS invites artists to submit their archived work. Please  devise and bring to the gallery items  supporting the presentation of your archive.                              

With works by Elizabeth Forrest, Max MacDonald, John Alexander, Julia Patterson and Dean Bradley.


MORTAR & PESTLE presents

BLYTHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward is an improbable farce that centres around famed novelist Charles Condomine. Charles and his second wife, Ruth, host a dinner party where the guest of honour is eccentric spiritualist, Madame Arcati. She conducts a seance and brings back Charles' manipulative, childish first wife, Elvira. Brought back to the physical world, Elvira is determined to win Charles back by any means necessary. Filled with catastrophic blunders, misunderstandings, jealousy, ghosts, and a surprise twist ending Blithe Spirit is a hilariously witty and fast paced comedy that will have audiences laughing in their seats from beginning to end.

GAS welcomes MORTAR & PESTLE to the fold as our newest members! Congratulations to all and a special shout out to Melissa Beveridge for making her dream become a reality. A fabulous addition to the GAS gang. It was an honour to present the inaugural production- along with a fantastic performance, the group did an absolutely spectacular job transforming the space! We look forward to many more performances from this very talented  group. BRAVO!!

Monday, 7 March 2016


FALSE FRONTS -new works by Jennifer Nikitin
please join us for the reception Saturday February 20, 3- 6pm.

Jennifer Nikitin uses felt, paint, markers and  vintage imagery, that packs a one -two punch.  The power of these images  seem to transcend  the nostalgic time and place in memory as well as culture.  Utilizing  clever word play Nikitin creates titles for her works that also read as slogans to convey meaning. As she states the theme is mainly “women and the false fronts that we put on and [are as well] imposed on us”.