Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show, August 2- 20.
Reception August 3, 6 - 0pm.

Pics form the reception below.
(That's Brian Abbott and Kayla Milmine aka FASTER playing some tunes in the background, btw.)

The Puppet Show currently on display at GAS has got us thinking…
Faces are so compelling to human beings - and our brains will see a face in even the simplest arrangement of dots and lines! This is surely the origin of puppetry as vehicle for storytelling: add eyes to a simple shape and you instantly have a character that humans will relate to! And with puppets you can do fantastical things that would be difficult or impossible to do with human actors.
But WHY do you think we see faces so easily, even in abstract patterns? Is it some preprogrammed caveman instinct to help us notice when a predator is stalking us? Is it an ego thing where we want everything we see to be one of us? Tell us your theories!

(And come visit our puppets! They're on display until August 20th.)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

This summer GAS had the pleasure to host the Eclec-Tic-Toc Fest,  Friday July 14 & Saturday July 15.
Organized by the amazing and tireless Neal Retke, Eclec-Tic-Toc Fest brought together several bands from as far away as Brooklyn, New York. 
The line up-
Friday: James Bailey, Money House, Lorne Shapiro, Brian Abbott, Body of Waste, Darling Cora, Bit Reduction, MIKL132( Mickie Lynn), The Bim Prongs, Ben Grossman, Cheryl Q, Barry Prophet, FASTER, Group Improv with Irrevery & Valerie Kuelne
Saturday: No One Receiving Duo, Irrevery, Valarie Kuhene ( + Irrevery), Fake Flesh, Retired, Damon Loren Baker, Moth Ash, KNURL & {AN} Eel.

See pics provided by GAS & Loren Shapiro ( thanks Lorne!)

                          The following photos were graciously provided by Lorne Shapiro

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Home Show July 19th-30th
With works by Emmanuel Albano, Dana Green, Susan Aaron, Dyvie Aquino, Lynda B. Hattin, Carolina Reis, Bernadette Wycks, & Matt Wood.

Reception Thursday,  July 20th

What makes a home a home? Have you ever lived in an unconventional space - a commune, a tent, a squat - and called it home? Does "home" have to be a physical structure at all? What does "home" feel like? These are some of the questions we've asked our contributing artists to ponder. We hope you enjoy what they've come up with!

and that's the end...